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Open Bank CSP (Customer Service Point)

CSP stands for “Customer Service Point” which is a concept designed under PPP (Public Private Partnership) Where a CSP works as a representative or agent of Bank and appointed to provide Banking service to citizens. The Banking services like Account opening, cash deposit acceptance and cash withdrawal etc.

To help citizens to open a saving bank account under different government schemes and policies like “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna”. Acceptance of cash deposit and cash withdrawal, to process “Kisaan Credit Card” Direct benefits transfer and Subsidy transfer etc.

To become a Oxygen Bc to any bank you must have following things readily available.

  • Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Internet connectivity (Broadband, Modem or Dongle)
  • Printer (Along with Scanner)
  • Power Backup (Inverter)
  • Minimum 100 SQFT office space

Any Firm, organization or individual who is 18 and studied 10th can apply and become a CSP, apart from this an applicant should have basic computer knowledge. Experience is NOT mandatory but preferred. According to Government and Reserve Bank of India circular, a CSP can be opened on every village basis and in urban areas onward basis.

The main duties of Oxygen Bc are as follows-

  • To generate awareness regarding saving and offering advice on managing money & debt related issues.
  • To identify the potential of customer among the crowd & generate business opportunity.
  • To enrolment and collect/verify forms need to open bank accounts.
  • To help customers in filling & submitting application forms.
  • To collect/accept the payment of the small value of the deposit.
  • To provide the details of bank account like a mini statement.
  • To provide any kind of support on behalf of the bank i.e. pension & insurance products.

Kiosk Banking Solutions

The Oxygen Bc is providing high quality and cost-effective video, voice and data content and services, in the areas of e-governance, education, health, telemedicine, entertainment as well as other private services. A highlight of the Oxygen Bc is that it will offer web-enabled e-governance services in rural areas, including application forms, certificates, and utility payments such as electricity, telephone and water bills besides the issue of Pan Cards, Nielson Survey, e-learning etc.

  • Initially, Oxygen Bc Kiosk banking will provide the following services:
  • Deposit of Cash
  • Withdrawal of Cash
  • Money transfer to another account holder in other locations.

What type of transactions will the customer carry on?

  • This is called a no-frills account where there is no minimum balance or charges levied.
  • Maximum balance can be Rs 50000. (Balances above this can be held, but then account is converted to a regular bank account and the terms of the bank and documentation will apply to these accounts).
  • Minimum Balance -Zero Balance.
  • Maximum limit of transactions is Rs10,000/- per day.
  • No Cheque book is issued
  • Only Cash Transactions can be made & only in person by the account holder.
  • There is no signature required and only electronic thumb impression is used to access/use the account.
  • The customer also benefits from Long banking hours: As long as the shop is open Income generation from Oxygen Bc Kiosk Banking?
  • Earn on opening New Account, every Cash Deposit/ Cash Withdrawal/ Loans and Financiers Transfer or any services of the bank How SCA shall work as BC Manager?

ATM Installation

The leading government bank, State Bank of India (SBI) is aiming to create a one-stop solution for all banking activities. It is planning to install internet banking kiosks at its e-corner centres which can perform many cash related transactions. The kiosk would work as a cash recycler which can do cash dispensing, depositing, withdrawal, segregation of currency simultaneously.

SBI came up with the unique facility of ‘e-corner’ near its branches which provided many services like cash depositing machine, ATM, coin vending machine, electronic cheque dispensing machine under one roof. The bank aims to migrate gradually from branch banking to alternate channel banking like through ATM, internet, mobile etc. About 45% transactions in SBI are currently being done on alternate channels. The chief general manager of SBI, Lucknow circle, Karnam Sekar said, “Usage of alternate channel banking was restricted to just 10% earlier. In last one and a half years, we could grow the dependence on alternate channels to about 45%. We now wish to increase the usage to 75-80% in next 10-12 months.”

Regarding ATMs security, the bank said that UP police has developed a mobile application which when pressed will give an instant alert at all nearest police booths to help during emergencies. The app’s demo has already been witnessed by RBI and would soon be rolled out across all banks. SBI has about 1563 branches and 2000 ATMs in the state.

SBI’s Lucknow circle has opened about 55 lakh accounts under financial inclusion scheme and about 40 lakh accounts with zero balance. The bank works with about 7997 business correspondents and customer service points to spread its reach in remote and rural areas.

POS Machine

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we offer great payment options for your customers with credit, debit and prepaid cards through a POS terminal. A POS terminal is a device that is provided by the Oxygen Bc and Global Payments joint venture to its accredited merchants used to secure authorization for card transactions. It is generally used in “face-to-face” transactions. You simply insert, swipe or tab the card through the machine, and the transactions are processed.
The joint venture offers 3 different POS terminal models:

  • Dial-up– A terminal that dials out through a phone line to secure approval for card transactions.
  • GPRS Desktop– A terminal that uses the network of one of the top telecommunications service providers for connectivity. No telephone line is needed.
  • GPRS Mobile– A portable terminal that uses the network of one of the top telecommunications service providers for connectivity. No telephone line is needed.


Being a Oxygen Bc and Global Payments joint venture affiliated merchant allows you to accept all Oxygen Bc credit and prepaid cards, as well as other bank-issued (local and international) cards including Visa®, MasterCard®, JCB®, UnionPay. American Express® and Diners Club® are also available via terminal sharing. You may also accept ATM/Debit cards of BPI, and all Banks through the Express Payment System (EPS) if you have a Oxygen Bc settlement account.